Film Marketing


Film marketing is a whole different animal. With its own set of strategies and approach, film marketing is one of our strong suits. We know how to give an upcoming film a strong virality boost by reading its pulse and turning it quickly into a cultural sensation.

Strategy and consulting

Film marketing is both an art and a science. We bring you best industry expertise in strategy and consulting for your film marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an integral part of any film marketing activities. We provide you with the right social media marketing to give your film an early start and followership and help it go viral in likeminded social circles.

Creative services

Every film requires a bouquet of creative services before and during its launch. From movie posters to social media posts, an engaging creative campaign is crucial for earning the highest interest towards the film. Our knowledge and involvement in Bollywood films can help you discover the right creative services for your film.

Hashtag trending

Hashtags are the norm of the day to put out a word about your film. The secret to which lies in crafting the right hashtags that quickly catch up with the crowd. We understand hashtag trending better than anyone in the industry and employ the same to make your film become outstandingly popular.

Trailer promotions

Trailer promotions are a unique ball game with its own set of rules and best practices. Equipped with hands-on knowledge and expertise, we bring your trailer promotions the right mileage.

Get in touch

Our awesome team are here ready to strap a rocket to your digital marketing campaigns, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more.

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